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Culture & Leisure

"Heichal" Cinema, Petah Tikvah


Petah Tikvah
Hahistadrut St

The "Heichal" Cinema building was built in the mid-thirties by Arieh Sharon, as part of a plan for a Histadrut complex in the city center of Petah Tikvah. The Histadrut House adjacent to the cinema was meant to be built by Arieh Sharon as well but was eventually built by Leitersdorf and Belsitzman in the mid 1940’s. Some years later, the firm also received the renovation project for the cinema building. As part of the renovation plan, the film theater was expanded to hold 1,100 seats and its façade was re-designed into how it is known today. The style of the new façade gives the building a formalist look, similar to that of the Amal Cinema in Kfar Saba, which was also renovated by the firm and was originally built by Sharon. Heichal Cinema was closed in the 1990’s and announced as a building up for conservation. However, it stands today abandoned and neglected until this very day.

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