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Culture & Leisure

"Oron" Amphitheater, Petah Tikvah


Petah Tikvah
Rothschild St & Katz Michal Leib St

“Oron” amphitheater, which holds about 3,500 seats organized to resemble a shell in the open air, was a significant center for cultural life in the city of Petah Tikvah, and one of the country’s largest amphitheaters. Other than its main use as a summertime cinema, the amphitheater’s stage also hosted plays and musical performances, and it was used for social and political gatherings as well. The planning of the structure, ordered by the Petah Tikvah Workers’ Council, began in 1950 and took over two years. In the mid 1980’s, the cinema was closed, due to financial struggles, and the building remained abandoned for about twenty years, until its demolition.

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