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Culture & Leisure

"Orot" Cinema, Ra’anana


Eliezer Yafe St 4

OROT Cinema, Mofet hall, was built in the 50’s at the Ra’anana Histadrut complex. It was, among the
Histadrut complex buildings, the central cultural building (see other structures planned by Belsitzman
and Leitersdorf in the complex). This was the first cinema in the city. The theater contained over 900
seats, with a monumental, sealed façade and a colonnade connecting it to the Workers’ Council House.
The cinema was a main center for culture, film and performances in the city.
In the beginning of the 2000’s, the Histadrut privatized and sold the building to a private investor.
Among many big cinemas popping up in the modern shopping centers, Orot Cinema struggled and
ended up shutting down. In 2009, the Ra’anana municipality decided to purchase the lot from the
private investor and to conserve the Mofet complex (the cinema and the Workers’ Council House). The
cinema was deemed worthy of conservation, both due to the communal and cultural memory which it
holds, as well as its modernist architecture characteristic of the 1950’s, used by Belsitzman and
Leitersdorf in the construction of the cinema and the other buildings of the Histadrut complex.

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