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HaSharon Hospital, Petah Tikvah


Petah Tikvah
Kern Kayemet 7

Golda-HaSharon Hospital is a hospital located in the Kfar Ganim neighborhood in central Petah Tikvah, and today it is a part of the Rabin Medical Center.
The hospital was established in 1942 by the Clalit Health Service general supervisory board, in order to take down the load from Beilinson Hospital and was named "Beilinson B". Later on, in the 1950’s, the hospital was re-named “HaSharon”, and in 1982 it was also named after former Prime Minister and chair of the Health Service committee, Golda Meir. In 1996 the hospital was merged with Beilinson Hospital and it is now part of the Rabin Medical Center.
Among the archived materials, Leitersdorf and Belsitzman’s sketches of the buildings included in the hospital complex have yet to be found.

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