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Community & Administration

The Histadrut House, Ramla


Dani Mas St 8

Ramla’s Workers’ Council house was the first of its kind among Olim cities in Israel. The house was built on a lot in the city center provided by Ramla’s City Hall, and its funding was assisted by the Histadrut’s fundraising in the United States. During the house’s inauguration ceremony, in May 1956, remarks were read from Israel’s president, prime minister, ministers and representatives of workers’ councils from other cities. The building contains a 400-seat auditorium, a library, and 16 rooms for the cities’ Histadrut institutions, including Mivtachim, Davar newspaper, Hassneh, a construction workers’ association, an insurance fund, and more. In the original plan, there was a film theater structure suggested to complete the Histadrut complex, but this did not come to fruition. The construction of the building made use of diverse materials – steel poles, bricks, wild stone, and plaster cladding, which have been conserved to this day.

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