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Amal School (Fajja), Petach Tikva


Petach Tikva
David Remez St 38, Fajja, Petach Tikva

From the late 1940’s, Belsitzman and Leitersdorf planned many Histadrut buildings at the Petach Tikva settlement. Among the many buildings, they were also responsible for planning Histadrut buildings at Shikun Vatikim and Fajja neighbourhood. According to the documentation we posses, they have planned the Culture House of the Worker’s Council and the Amal trade school, which is under the jurisdiction of the Histadrut.

The Worker’s Council’s Culture House was inaugurated on 1951 and is a 400-seats hall which was used by the community for shows, ceremonies and movie screenings. The planning was typical of other culture buildings they have planned in the past, with a single floor, a skewed roof and a gathering lobby at the entrance to the hall.

The Amal school, belonging to the Histadrut workers, was inaugurated at the beginning of the 1950’s. the school spans over several buildings, including classes, a lunchroom and workshop buildings for training students in various crafts.

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