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Community & Administration

Brenner House, Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv
Brener St 5

Brenner House, once the home of the Tel Aviv workers’ council, was built by Arieh Sharon in the mid 1930’s and became the focus of the workers’ public life in the city, as well as one of the Histadrut’s most important centers. The original structure, built in the representative modernist style, received a significant addition, planned by the office, at the mid 1950’s, which included an additional floor as well as a new wing, while converting the basement into an assembly hall. A 1959 plan for two more additional floors was rejected by the district committee. With the decline of the Histadrut and the sale of properties, during the 1990’s, the Brenner House was sold as well, and it is used today by a religious organization which has substantially renovated the interior of the building.

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