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Cottages at Ramat HaSharon


Ramat HaSharon
HaGiva St

Two residential projects of duplex cottages in Ramat HaSharon that were planned by Belsitzman and Leitersdorf for the Iscontel real estate company. The projects were established in two stages. In the first stage, there were 14 cottages planned and marketed at Simtat HaGiva; and in the second stage, 23 cottages on HaYarden street. The two projects included shared-wall duplexes. Each side had 4.5 rooms at a total space of 165-170 m2, over two floors. These are quite large and roomy family houses for their time, within a private lot and with a garden. The ground floor had the common areas, such as the living room, dining room and kitchen, while the second floor had the bedrooms. The houses are designed cleanly and elegantly, with small roofs and console porches.

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