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Culture & Leisure

Culture Hall, Gedera


Lilinbulm St 66

The Gedera Culture Hall was established as part of the broader mantle of the Histadrut organization. The structure was planned in 1950 and built during the late fifties in the Gedera settlement, which was one of the first settlements in Israel. The architects first presented a proposal for a culture hall and an institutions house, so that close to the culture hall several Histadrut offices were planned such as a secretary office and an employment bureau. However, eventually only the hall structure was built.
The Culture House, established at the settlement’s center, was a pace of leisure and culture in the lives of the residents. It was opened to the public in 1958 with a grand ceremony attended by Histadrut representatives as well as local residents. The building contained a large hall with a stage and 400 seats, an outer foyer where tickets were purchased and an inner foyer near the entrance to the hall. The hall was used for ceremonies, holidays, film screening and theatrical performances. Today, the building is held under the responsibility of the local council, and it is mostly used by the religious council and by the city’s elders. The municipal library is located nearby.

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