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Culture & Leisure

Eshkol House


Tel Aviv
Beit Oren St 9

Eshkol House was built in 1970 in Tel Aviv’s Yad Eliyahu neighborhood. The building was initiated by the “Betzer” company, the Histadrut's public real estate company, and it was used as the Tel Aviv Workers’ Council community center. The club was used for social, cultural and educational activities for the residents of the Yad Eliyahu neighborhood. The structure has a small bunker in the basement floor, and in the ground-floor it holds a library and a 200-seats hall used for performances, lectures, classes and courses. Over the years, the House held there a counseling center, a reference library, an Olim assistance center, and a retirement college. Due to the Histadrut’s big financial crisis in the 1990’s, the Workers’ Council disbanded its assets, and therefore, among other reasons, the house was handed over to the Organization of Victims of Hostilities. The house is since used as the organization's management offices and as a club for its members.

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