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Community & Administration

Histadrut House, Petah Tikva


Petah Tikva
Ha Histadrut St 19

The Petah Tikva Histadrut House was built as part of an architecture competition held by the workers’ council of Petah Tikva in 1946, in which the office won first place among 47 competing proposals. The house, which was inaugurated about two years following the competition, became the start of the long-standing partnership between Leitersdorf and Belsitzman. It was the first Histadrut building built by the office, and the beginning of its close relationship with the Histadrut institutions – in Petah Tikva and in the rest of the country. In the proposal for the competition, the building was planned as having three floors above the basement floor, but in the building plans another floor was added to the central and western wing. A plan for an additional floor in the Eastern wing and for the expansion of the basement, with the purpose of creating two halls, planned by Belsitzman in 1978, did not come to fruition. The building’s plan would become a distinct programmatic and physical typology that would recur in many of the Histadrut Houses planned by the office. It incorporates different Histadrut functions under one roof – bureaucratic as well as social and cultural. This Histadrut House is the first one in which a film theater was built inside the building, a model for many of the Histadrut Houses built later by the office. The building has a wide front towards the public street that receded at the entrance area and gives a place for public convergence. The facades are formal, devoid of decorations, inlaid with square windows in a repetition order, and at the top of the building are two flag masts that are very typical to the Histadrut buildings. The building is used by the city’s Histadrut institutions to this day.

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