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Kibbutzim College (Oranim)


Kiryat Tiv'on
Kiryat Amal

The plan that Belsitzman and Leitersdorf submitted to the Oranim competition won both first and second places. The Oranim College is a schoolteacher and kindergarten-teacher education campus of the Kibbutzim movement. The complex is in Alexander Forest near Kiryat Tivon, and includes an array of educational, cultural and living structures. Among the buildings, which were presented at the competition stage, there are class buildings, laboratories, a library, offices, lunchroom, a court and gymnasium, a clinic, faculty dorms, student dorms, a nursery, botanical garden, swimming pool and more. The structures are spread out between pine trees and groomed gardens, many of them have 2 floors with a red shingle roof and sunny porches. The campus continues to train educators until this very day, and keeps growing and evolving.

לעיון נוסף