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Samuel Hotel, Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv
Herbert Samuel St 76

The Samuel Hotel was opened in the beginning of the 1960’s as the first line of the central Tel Aviv coast, at the corner of Herbert Samuel and Trumpeldor. At the time of its opening, the hotel was considered state-of-the-art and luxurious. The 100 guest rooms were equipped with electronic devices, precise finished materials, a porch for each room and central air conditioning for the entire floor. The building plan is of two horizontal rectangles, one parallel to the promenade while the other is parallel to Trumpeldor street. The building had 9 floors, in addition to a technical basement floor. The façades were divided into even squares, according to the rooms. The ground floor was separated in its appearance by dark stone cladding and its ceiling was much higher than that of the rest of the regular floors above it; it was perceived by a column colonnade, which gave it an impressive urban appeal. The building is used as a hotel to this very day.

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