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Culture & Leisure

Sharet House, Givataim


Mishmar HaYarden St 18

At the 1960’s, as the city of Givataim expanded southwards, it was decided to build an additional branch of the Ramat-Gen-Givataim Worker’s Council in the middle, between the Korazin industrial zone and the Tel Ganim neighborhood and Histadrut housings. The establishment of the Sharet Club House was part of the process to spread a wide range of clubs in the neighborhoods at Givataim and Ramat-Gan.
The cornerstone to the building, on a lot that the municipality appropriated, was laid on Tuesday, August 25th, 1965 at the presence of Yaakov Sharet (son of the late Moshe Sharet), the people of the Ramat-Gan Worker’s Council, members of the Givataim City Council, Histadrut members and some invited guests. The building was inaugurated on December 18th, 1966.
The permit plan, although it is conceptually and physically similar to the current building, does not match the constructed building. In 1966, a request was submitted for a permit to add a class, with considerable changes to the original plans and in correlation with the building we know today.
At the five decades since passed, despite the interior and exterior changes, the structure still shows its original planning principals and it is still used as a community center for culture and sports, much like its original designation.
(Preservation Architecture Noa Shak)

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