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Community & Administration

The Histadrut House, Herzliya


Ben Gurion St 24

Herzliya’s Histadrut House, much like other Histadrut buildings in settlements
and cities, was built with the purpose of gathering all the Histadrut institutions
under one roof, as well as providing a permanent home for the settlement’s
workers’ council. Plans for the Histadrut House have begun in 1950, as part of
Histadrut members’ plan to build several structures around the settlement for
their activities – all planned by the Leitersdorf and Belsitzman office. Due to
delays, the House’s construction only begun about a year later, in November
1951. Over two thousand people came to the House’s inauguration ceremony, in
September 1953, including, among others, families from the Ma’abarot near the
settlement, representatives of nearby Kibbutzim, as well as the secretary of the
Indian Socialist Party, who was visiting Israel at the time. In 2009 the Histadrut
House was approved for demolition, in favor of a residential building.

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