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Community & Administration

The Histadrut House, Netanya


David Remez St 13

Netanya’s Histadrut House was built on a lot purchased for this purpose by the settlement’s workers’ council. Upon its inauguration in July 1953, the house’s floor area was about 1,100 square meters and included 25 offices, an assembly hall, a reading room and a cafeteria. The house was named after David Remez, who had died two years earlier. In 1957, the office planned an additional third floor to the building, and it is unclear if this was realized. In the original plan for the complex there was also an adjacent film theater, but this has not come to fruition during the establishment years of the Histadrut House. However, in 1965 the construction of the film theater was eventually planned, by the architect Y. Rieger and with a plan similar in volume to the one in the original proposal, by Leitersdorf and Belsitzman. In 1996, the David Remez Histadrut House was demolished in favor of a modern office building.

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