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Community & Administration

The Histadrut House, Rishon LeZion


Rishon LeZion
Rothschild St 60

The Rishon LeZion Histadrut complex was built in a few stages, based on a proposed plan of the office for the entire complex, the first-place winner of a competition which likely took place in 1948. Two alternative plans for the complex were submitted to the competition by the office, each proposing a different physical distribution of three buildings: the Histadrut House, the Worker’s House (a gymnasium), and a theater and film structure. By 1950, the Worker’s House had likely already been built, and at the end of that year the planning of the Histadrut House had begun with its construction completed in 1953. The House was inaugurated with a ceremony of great splendor – criticized by the Histadrut representatives from Maki (Israeli Communist Party). The third building, the theater and film structure, was built only about twelve years later, in 1965. The complex is used even today by the Rishon LeZion Workers’ Council and, with the exception of a late-eighties addition to the film theater building façade, its physical and spatial form has been preserved.

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