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Culture & Leisure

The People's House, Herut


Herut (Moshav)
Derech Ha'Meyasdim St

The People’s House in Herut moshav was planned and built in the 1950’s. The plan of the structure included a 390-seats concert hall, a library room, and exterior domed foyers at the front and sides of the building, that would allow for pleasant gatherings.
The building was central in the moshav’s community life: holidays and wedding ceremonies were held there, as well as shows and film screenings. The House was built at the center of the moshav, on a public lawn, and it was home for various cultural activities there.
Over the years, the structure was not well maintained, and in the 1990’s its ceiling begun to fall apart, its windows were shattered, and it became abandoned and dangerous to stay in. The People’s House remained in its place, evoking memories of past celebrations, but entrance to it is forbidden because of its unstable condition.

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