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The People's House, Kfar Sirkin


Kfar Sirkin (Moshav)
Ha'Banim St 16

The People’s House in Kfar Sirkin was built in the 1950’s. It is located at the center of the moshav, at the crossing of its two main streets. In the initial plan for the building, Leitersdorf and Belsitzman planned a more developed community complex for the moshav, which included a central plaza with a monument, an open amphitheater, offices and a large concert hall. In practice, they built the People’s House hall, which is a 139 square-meters rectangular room, and next to it a space with an office, a toilet and a foyer.
Over the years, as the moshav and its community’s needs grew, the building was expanded to include a shelter, a stage, a library, a conference room, and a club for senior members.

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