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Community & Administration

The Workers’ Council Complex, Ramat Gan


Ramat Gan
Krinitsi St 33

The Ramat Gan Workers’ Council House (Histadrut House) was inaugurated in the city’s center on May 1st, 1957, three years after its planning began. The six-floor, 2,540 square-meters building was built to house the Histadrut’s different functions: the workers’ council offices, the construction workers’ insurance fund, “Mivtachim”, and the agricultural workers’ insurance fund. Since its early days, the building has received special attention for its relatively grand façade, and indeed it was architecturally different from the other Histadrut houses built at the time, with monumental elements such as the spiral staircase in front of a curved glass wall.
Due to its cultural importance and architectural uniqueness, the Workers’ Council house has been meticulously conserved. In 2018 the conservation and restoration works were completed, and the complex returned to function as a public building (the documentation and conservation plans were done by Mimar Naor Architecture & Conservation).

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