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Yad LaBanim House, Hadera


Rothschild St 46

The Hadera Yad LaBanim house was built in the early 1950’s to commemorate the city’s fallen in the Israeli wars. The structure was one of the first Yad LaBanim houses in the country, together with Petah Tikvah’s Yad LaBanim house. The building is located at the city’s center, across from the Histadrut House, also planned by Leitersdorf and Belsitzman.
Initially the Yad LaBanim house was built with one floor, alongside a stone-cladded memorial room connected to the main building with a roofed colonnade of columns. Past the colonnade there is an open gathering area where memorial ceremonies are held for the general public. The area is demarcated by a memorial wall, holding the names of the city’s fallen.
Later on, Leitersdorf and Belsitzman expanded the complex, adding the soldier’s hall and additional wings on a second floor.
Today, the structure has been renovated, with the colonnade removed and the complex even further expanded to include the Yad LeBanim house, the municipal library, an artists house and a municipal event center.

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