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Culture & Leisure

Yad LaBanim Ramat Gan


Ramat Gan
Maale HaBanim St 30

The Ramat Gan Yad LaBanim house was planned at the end of the 1950’s and inaugurated in 1965. The house joins several Yad LaBanim houses planned by Leitersdorf and Belsitzman, starting from the early 1950’s.
The house was built on a hill overlooking the city. At the top of the structure rises a tower, and in the ground floor there is an inner courtyard with memorial rooms on both sides. At the building’s center there is a round memorial hall whose walls carry the names of the fallen, and at its center a memorial candle is lit. The house was a cultural center and demand for expanding the structure grew quickly. In 1969, the architects planned a big addition to the building, a large 430-seats hall.

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