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Architect Iliya Belzitsman

2006 - 1917

1917  Born in Tbilisi, Georgia.

1921  Moved to Germany with his parents, at the end of the Russian Civil War.

1934  Due to the rise of Nazism, Iliya and his parents moved to Poland until they received their certificates. At that year he made Aliyah with his parents, at the age of 17, and settled in Tel Aviv.

1935  Began working at architect Joseph Neufeld’s office and, at the same time, studied architectural draft making at the Monefiore evening school.

1936  Won second place at the Yarid HaMizrah fair for planning a row residential building (no first place given).

1940  Worked for a short time at the Awerbuch-Baron firm when Neufeld’s firm closed.

1941-1942 Worked as a supervisor for the British Army and American Department of Army, which built Tel HaShomer Hospital.

1943-1946  Worked at architect Ze’ev Rechter’s office.

1946  Opened a firm in Tel Aviv together with architect Andre Leitersdorf.

1948  During the Israeli Independence War, he commanded the IDF Hospital Planning Unit.

1970  After architect Andre Leitersdorf passed away, he continued independently and established I. Belzitsman & Co. firm.

1980  His son, architect Amon Belzitsman became a partner.

Iliya would arrive at the office every day until 2002.

2006 Passed away in Tel Aviv at the age of 89.

תמונה של האדריכל איליה בלזיצמן.jpg

Architect Iiya Belzitsman

שלט המשרד איליה בלזיצמן ושות.jpg

I. Belzitsman & Co. firm sign

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