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Architect Andre (Bundi) Leitersdorf

1905 - 1970

Born on October 2nd, 1905 at Bratislava, Slovakia.

1922   Graduated with honors from a Hebrew high school in Bratislava (trilingual) (Czechoslovakia).

1927  Graduated with honors from the Deutsche Technische Hochschule, Prague with a dual degree in Engineering and Architecture.

1927-1930   Worked in Bratislava for a construction and entrepreneur company Vereinigate Bau A.G. as a planner and manager on various projects: residential, bank, sanitarium and pension.

1930-1939  Worked as an independent architect in Bratislava and Komarno

1936  Married Fini (Adolfina Hess).

1937  Birth of their son, Tommy.

1939  Made Aliyah to Israel with his young family his wife Fini and their son Tommy. They settled in Tel Aviv.

Andre left behind in Bratislava his mother Ada and brother Jugen, who were banished from their house in 1942 to the Majdanek and Sobibor death camps, where they tragically died. Ada was 58 and Juen was 38 at the time.

1939-1945  During WWII, worked as an architect for the British Army in Palestine.

1945  Worked for architect Ze’ev Recher for a year.

1946-1970  Worked independently as partners with Iliya Belzitsman.

1948  Married for the second time, to Gina (Regina Rappaport)

1949  Birth of their son Giora

1950  Birth of their son Eran

Andre passed away on August 16th, 1970, from a cardiac arrest in Tel Aviv at the age of 65.

Personal Description, Bratislava

Personal Identity of Andre, Bratislava, Slovakia, 1926 

Andre's student papers, Prague, Mid 20's

Urban villas and buildings designed by Andre as a young architect in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. 

From the late 1920s

About Andre's work, in an Architecture magazine, Czechoslovakia, 1931 

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